Francor tiling and paving services are carried out using durable materials and innovative designs to ensure the finished product is both practical and also appealing. We are proficient in using different kinds of materials ranging from granite, tiles, asphalt, natural stone, cement and bricks among many others. There are many benefits from using our customised tiling and paving services. They include:

  • Adding value to the exterior of your home
  • Imparting beauty and charm to your yard
  • Used in various landscape designs as a partition
  • Makes your pavement appear more attractive
  • Increasing safety around the pool area

Francor has extensive know how and experience in the tiling and paving services sector. We will help you choose which kind of material you want to use for your project and then install it expertly and quickly. We believe that we can easily accommodate all kinds of requests with regards to meeting your tiling and paving needs. We like drawing up designs of how the finished job will look like so that the client knows what exactly will be done during the project. In addition, we also work based on the budget of our clients, while guaranteeing that all works completed by our company are high-quality workmanship.

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Adjustable paving

If you want a semi-permanent adjustable paving solution, Francor has the right answer for you. With our adjustable and portable pavers laid on changeable plastic chairs, the finish will be impeccable, and single pavers can still be removed later with now hassles. Adjustable paving from Francor is a great way of giving rental properties a provisional facelift or to build a fabulous surface for either a trade show or runway. This solution can even be implemented for balconies and commercial rooftops, where there is a need for access to services like underground cabling.

Porous paving

Besides other creative tiling and paving solutions, Francor is also adept at installing porous paving solutions. This distinctive bonding of coloured aggregate helps to prevent water run-off to storm water channels. This idea is recommended for environments that need water containment. Porous paving from Francor may be used for surrounding the plant bases in hardscape regions and thus enable them to continue flourishing.

Tiling and paving maintenance services

Specifically equipped for delivering high quality and prompt maintenance services, our expert maintenance team can be contacted at any time. Besides regular maintenance contracts, we are also available to undertake a wide range of maintenance services for tiling and paving that range from cleaning and small repairs to a complete refurbishment job. Due to our extensive track record of providing quality work, we can provide quality maintenance solutions to:

  • Council: Our expertly trained maintenance team can partner with any city council to make sure that the streetscapes remain vibrant as well as minimising the effects of traffic.
  • Education: We can partner with different kinds of educational institutions to create an inspiring and fresh look to the learning environment with our highly effective tiling and paving services.
  • Retail: We also have the capabilities of creating an enjoyable and safe experience for shoppers with our tiling and paving services. This way we can contribute to increased profits for the retail stores.

Sourcing and supply

The only way you can guarantee superior results is if superior materials and workmanship are used during the project. Luckily, Francor has got you covered in this regard through our highly effective supply division. We can grant you access to the broadest range of materials that have been handpicked from both across the country and all over the world. From unique granite tiles to exotic marbles, we have a solution that is perfect for all our projects, each having its own distinctive aesthetic quality and character.

We are also capable of obtaining materials for our projects right from the manufacturer. This allows us to have some very competitive prices for our tiling and paving services. In addition, we have an offsite storage feature so that we can deliver materials in a large quantity when needed.


When you are investing in top quality tiling and paving services, matching different components ensures better overall integrity. Francor works together with builders, engineers and architects to meet many unique customised design accessories. With this invaluable experience, we can offer grates and drains for suiting specific projects, cleaning and sealing products, tactile units for a stylish architectural finish, and a collection of claddings and trims for walls, landscaping and decorative purposes.

Using the techniques that we have gathered over time, we are able to create some unique tiling and paving solutions. From embossed surfaces, intricate stone patters, and backlit tiles, we can boost your project with some great creative ideas. For all our projects, Francor ensures optimum results through assigning project teams based on expertise and specialist skills. Efficiency and quality workmanship are our main goals. Talk to us for your ultimate tiling and paving solutions.