Carpentry is a much-needed craft even today when we focus more on less natural building materials. This trade specialises in house refurbishing when it comes to absolutely anything related to wood, such as window frames, furniture, doors and even property extensions or entire homes, which have timber as the main construction material. Any products crafted out of wood or timber structure wear out in time and require maintenance and repairs in order to restore materials natural beauty. Wood can be easily scratched while paint also chips away fairly rapidly, making the furniture or structures look old and worn out.

In order to prevent this from happening and to improve the materials look, we at Francor offer you top of the line carpentry services guaranteeing complete satisfaction by making sure all your requirements are met with precision. Woodworking requires finesse and expertise otherwise your beautiful furniture could be ruined at the hands of the inexperienced. We pride ourselves for offering you that expertise, making certain that all your desires are met while the wood itself will shine once again.

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Wooden flooring

Many people use wood in decorating their home because this material brings life to an artificial environment, and anyone can express their personality when using this type of décor. House refurbishing doesn’t involve only maintenance and the restoration of old and damaged furniture. It also implies the installation of wooden floor tiles, window frames and even building home extensions such as classic saunas that are made entirely out of timber. Our business will work closely with you, providing consultation regarding every step to ensure that everything goes according to your plans. Our experienced carpenters use the highest quality of materials while also having extensive knowledge regarding every single type of wood and the proper products needed to restore it and not damage it.

Our carpentry services also include professional designers if you are looking to customise certain pieces of furniture or window frames. Furniture and decorative wooden sculptures or other items are of great importance because they reflect your personality, and they require proper care and treatment in order to create a comfortable ambiance in your home. Our designers guarantee you with their skill and knowledge that every such item can be modified or maintained according to your wishes. Restoring the former beauty of wooden, decorative pieces is part of our home refurbishing services, and we are renowned for taking great care when working on more personal items.

Carpentry customisation services

Here at Francor we handle more than just the ordinary maintenance of furniture. Our services include the possibility of recreating a certain piece of furniture just from a picture or a personally hand-drawn schematic. Some of our clients desire replicas of historical pieces, and we provide them with any required carpentry customisation. You may discuss with our professional designers in detail, and they will offer you advice and regular reports on the progress of the project. Customising furniture or building them from scratch by following your exact specifications is part of our service. Carpentry customisation is important to each individual who wishes to decorate his home in his own personal way in order to reflect his personality and turn the house into a true place of comfort and style. You provide us with the idea and we will discuss every fine detail with your, regarding which type of wood you prefer and many other aspects required in order to fulfil your dream.

Office refurbishing and design

Our services also include the maintenance and restoration of any wooden structures and pieces of furniture in schools, offices and any kind of public institution. Office refurbishing is highly important when it comes to the comfort and health of your employees, as well as your company’s image. We can provide you with custom built desks, which will suit the office’s chosen design while also offering comfort and practical use. An employee can work far more efficiently if the desk offers the appropriate work space and comfort without leading to any back pain induced by a low or high desk. Our office refurbishing specialists will discuss all your ideas and projects while bringing them to life in such a way to also respect your budget.

If you require any kind of professional carpentry services, then Francor is the company of your choice. We guarantee affordable prices, experience and the use of the highest quality materials on the market. Woodwork is important in any type of environment, and we dedicate ourselves to bringing all your ideas to life.