The bathroom is one of the most important spaces inside the house, which makes it imperative for such to be built in the best way possible based on your needs and preferences. Through the years, the bathroom can deteriorate, and hence, affecting the appeal and functionality of the place. With this, you can ask for help from us at Francor. We specialise in the provision of bathroom renovation services. Whether you would just like to change some parts of the bathroom or replace all with an entirely new one, you can put your trust on us. Our property modification and alteration services will surely provide you with the bathroom you have always wanted.

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Getting Started with the Renovation Process

Once you have agreed to work with us at Francor, the process will commence with consultation, which will provide our design experts with the opportunity to determine what exactly you want. The insights that will be gathered from the initial consultation will provide us with ideas on how to go through the bathroom remodelling job. We encourage our clients to be as specific as possible when it comes to their requirements. Meanwhile, if you do not have any idea on bathroom designs, we can also extend a helping hand. We can create our own designs for you to choose from based on current trends in the market.

Bathroom Renovation Made Affordable

Many homeowners do not even bother to entertain the idea of bathroom remodelling because of the fear that it is going to be expensive. At Francor, we make sure that our services will be fitted for your budget. During the initial phase, we will ask you about your budget and we will try our best to find a design that will work based on the financial resources that you have. However, as we always say to our clients, the bathroom is an important space of the house, which makes it logical to treat it as an investment.

Bathrooms Customised to Your Needs

At Francor, our goal is to deliver the highest level of satisfaction in every job that we complete. In order to satisfy our clients, we make sure that all of our designs are personalised based on individual specifications. Our bathroom designs are unique and has a personal touch. You can choose the colour palate and the products that will be placed inside the bathroom, form the bath tub to the faucets. At every stage of the renovation process, we will communicate with you and your feedbacks will be used to improve our work.

Working Beyond Aesthetics

High-quality bathroom designs are not only aesthetically-pleasing, but they should be also functional. More than working on what attracts the eye, we also make sure that all of the bathroom accessories and fixtures are installed properly. We take care of plumbing and electrical line installation when needed. We will also provide you with recommendations on how to maintain the functionality of the bathroom through time and to avoid easy deterioration of such space.

More so, we also promote efficiency in all of our works. We make sure of the right layout in order to maximise the use of available space and for you to move with ease. We also provide recommendations on the best bathroom fixtures to have on the basis of energy efficiency, such as with regards to what can help you conserve water. While design is an important element in bathroom remodelling, we believe that you should always learn how to look beyond aesthetics.

A Pool of Design Experts

Francor delivers the best results when it comes to bathroom remodelling because we have the best people in the business. We have a team of experts who are backed with extensive experience and knowledge in designing innovative bathrooms. In addition, we also provide them with continuous training to have a familiarisation on the latest design techniques that they can apply in their jobs. They are our biggest assets and they help us deliver services and outputs that are unsurpassed by other contractors you will ever find.

Call Us Today!

Get in touch with us now and we will let you know how we can extend a helping hand when it comes to bathroom renovations. With confidence, we can say that our services are of top-notch quality and will be able to provide the best value for every pound you will spend. Say goodbye to your old bathroom and be surprised with our astonishing designs!