There are quite a number of professional cleaning services available nowadays. Some offer general cleaning while others choose to specialise in various areas like domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning and tenancy termination cleaning among others. We decided to launch Francor to provide a cost effective and efficient method of cleaning various buildings from office to home and also dealing with different kinds of upholstery or carpets.

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Here is a preview of what we cover under our professional cleaning services

Carpet cleaning

Your carpet can get dirty due to many reasons, from regular spilling to the dirt that is common with carpets due to the high traffic that this equipment usually encounters. If not washed effectively, your carpets will end up getting discoloured or even worse, with a bad odour. At Francor, we have all the latest tools and technologies to clean your carpet. Our team of carpet cleaning experts uses innovative carpet cleaning methods to effectively clean your carpet.

Domestic cleaning

In the current fast paced era, we understand that you may get behind doing those essential household tasks like keeping your home clean. This is very common, and there is nothing to be ashamed about if you can’t quite find the time to complete your regular domestic cleaning responsibilities, particularly the more challenging tasks. We have created a domestic package that you can use to assist you with your house chores so that you can relax when you reach home.

Commercial cleaning

We offer our professional cleaning services to commercial buildings for both large and small businesses. Our team of cleaning experts will be deployed to keep your building constantly clean at all times. From ensuring the hallways are kept sparkling clean and cleaning washroom facilities, we ensure that your business appears very approachable and homely. We don’t only take care of the floors and carpets, but we also clean the walls and windows.

Stripping, polishing and waxing

Francor offers a wide range of professional cleaning services for your floors including stripping, polishing and waxing. More specifically, buildings that use VCT floors can really benefit from our services since such floors require distinctive maintenance schedules, which differ based on various factors. Nevertheless, a professionally maintained floor is going to impress clients and has a low likelihood of incurring expensive damage. Our team performs these kinds of maintenance with advanced equipment to highlight your floor’s glow and also extend its durability

Rug cleaning

Some rugs must be handled delicately and cannot just be cleaned haphazardly since they may get torn and lose their value, especial antique and oriental rugs. It is better to trust your valuable rugs with an expert cleaning firm like Francor which has great expertise in professional cleaning services.

Mattress cleaning

People hardly ever clean their precious mattresses, despite the importance of sleeping in a hygienic and clean bed. This allows bacteria and dust mites to thrive, which can be quite unhealthy. Francor recommends regular professional cleaning services that also include mattress cleaning to give you sound sleep throughout the night.

Odour treatments

Nothing is worse than having your home smelling badly to due pet urine. Despite the foul smell, this urine also penetrates fibres, affecting both the flooring and carpet materials. If you’ve ever tried removing it or cleaning yourself, then you know that it can be quite challenging. Francor professional cleaning services uses a unique cleaning solution that we have developed to remover odours and make your house smell fresh again. It is completely natural and made from spices, herbs, citrus and other eco-friendly ingredients.

Upholstery cleaning

Consider this, you wash your clothes regularly but you take years without having your upholstery and furniture cleaned professionally. The same dust, dirt, dead skin and pollen that accumulate on your furniture the same manner it builds up on the tiles and carpet. Over time, grime and dirt build up on the upholstery starts to resist the general vacuums and store detergents. In this case, the best solution is our professional cleaning services for all your upholstery. We assist you in preserving the important investment that you made when buying your furniture.

Hardwood cleaning

The complexities related to hardwood cleaning make it highly critical to only allow experts to carry out this duty. Your hardwood floors need more than your abilities with a broom or mop. These are ineffective tools for cleaning hardwood floors since they only move dirt around, thus falling short when considering that you have to extract unseen dirt. Avoid cleaning your hardwood the difficult way and instead rely on our highly effective professional cleaning services to get the job done. Francor will provide a team of cleaning experts who will extract dirt from deep inside the cracks of your floor. Just imagine an improved air circulation and quality that you will experience once the dirt has been removed from your floors. Contact us today for a free quote.