If you are looking to create extra space in your loft and turn it into extra living space for you and the family or rental accommodation, then you can have this done affordably with the help of the Francor team. We pride ourselves on our expertise in loft conversions and customer reviews reveal that we offer a quality service that’s unmatched by our rivals.

Francor Limited specialize in 100% bespoke loft conversion design and build projects. Our affordable projects offers minimum fuss and maximum satisfaction.

We offer a no-obligation quote too and we will come to your property and measure your loft and give you advice on how to transform it and increase the value of your property.

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Velux Style Loft Conversions
A Velux Loft Conversion is one of the easiest ways to convert your wasted roof space into a useable space for any number of purposes. Velux roof windows are designed to fit flush with your current roof line which leaves your existing structure as is with minor outdoor work required.

Dormer Style Loft Conversions
The most common type of Loft Conversion is a Dormer Loft conversion because it offers the most space when converting your roof space to a living space. A Dormer Loft Conversion is where we make an extension to your existing slopping roof which projects vertically out to create the new living space. Inside, the Dormer Loft Conversion has vertical walls and horizontal ceilings creating more space than the normal angled walls that you would typically expect with a loft Conversion.

Mansard Style Loft Conversions
The Mansard Loft Conversion offers a more traditional extension to your home and frees up large area for family rooms and large master bedrooms with ensuites. A Mansard has a flat roof area and is usually situated at the back of your home with a back sloping roof as shown. The slopping back roof usually has windows installed but a mansard offers many alternatives and is one of the most versatile Loft Conversions available.

Hip-To-Gable Style Loft Conversions
Another popular option is to carry out a hip-to-gable loft conversion. This involves converting the hip (sloped) side of the roof into a flat edge which provides additional space inside the loft.