Francor can provide you with the perfect air conditioning system for your home or work environment – one that will remain cost-effective and also help cut down your carbon footprint. Our systems will do precisely what they are designed to do – keep you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold – and in a supremely efficient manner. The units and systems we provide are elegant and aesthetically pleasing, so they will blend into the existing décor of your home or work.

Air 0100
Air 0101
Air 0102

The wide range of systems we can supply and install are designed to meet the needs of a sizeable range of applications, from offices to large retail premises, and from small shops to factory-sized outlets. If you do own retail premises, we are sure you understand how important it is to keep your customers at the correct temperature, as no one wants to browse around in a shop that’s either too hot or too cold.

Our air conditioning solutions will help you to create a perfectly comfortable environment all year round. We also know the importance of taking environment responsibilities seriously, which is why all the solutions we provide are as energy-efficient as possible, helping you to reduce both your operational costs and carbon footprint.

The systems we provide are also extremely easy to control, and are sourced from companies whom we know to have excellent reputations.