Garden services are now a major part of most households and are not viewed any more like a luxury service for only the affluent people. Actually, average households across the country are starting to realise the advantages of having professionals deal with the everyday care and maintenance of their gardens. For some people, our effective organic garden services have enable them to have more free time for other issues while some don’t just have enough time for gardening but still wish for a nice garden. Our gardening services help to make sure you consider your gardening as more of a satisfying pleasure, rather than a tiresome chore.

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How eco-friendly gardening is important to Francor

Through owning an eco-friendly garden today, you are basically contributing to increasing the general health of our planet. This is one of the important reasons why Francor decided to offer organic garden services so as to help reduce the impact of greenhouse gases. If you add up the little space that each home garden occupies, you realise that every person has a vital role they need to play in protecting the environment. Now with our gardening services, you will be able to truly contribute to these eco-friendly efforts. Talk to us today how you can start contributing to a healthy ecosystem.

Create an organic garden with Francor

An organic garden works in synchronisation with nature, is cheaper, readily available, and more reliable and does not damage the environment. Francor now gives you an effective way of creating your own personal organic garden. We have experts who will help set you up with a compost bin so that your garden will gain great rewards with regards to improved soil structure for better output. No chemicals will be used during this entire process, and you will basically return the compost into the soil to provide your plants all the foods they need for a very long time. It may appear strange to spend some money on organic garden service. However, we can give you great advice and build the right composter for your garden. So don’t hesitate talking to us.

Organic garden services – Initial cleanups

At your first meeting with Francor, we will discuss your organic needs and offer relevant advice regarding the best ways of achieving an eco-friendly garden. We will then do a cleanup of the site where you intend to place your organic garden. Cleanup may include reshaping your hedges, trees and shrubs and sometimes removing them altogether to create extra space. We also offer recommendations on the best plant selection and also placement based on the soil and prevailing weather conditions.

Regular maintenance

When placed on a steady maintenance schedule with Francor, your organic garden will improve greatly with time. We will undertake all the trimming, weeding, edging, shaping of trees and shrubs, as well as lawn mowing. In addition, we will identify and get rid of pests through an organic and natural method to avoid pesticides and other harsh chemical products. In general, when the garden is starting up it needs more regular maintenance. We will be able to create the right maintenance schedule for you organic garden.

Organic garden services – Recommendations and advice

With an impressive background and experience dealing with organic garden services, Francor is the best solution for all your gardening needs. We are not only limited to domestic organic gardens, but we also offer large scale gardening solutions. So, whether you own a large farm or you just want a small garden, we have the right solutions for you. We leverage our knowledge and experienced team members to provide you well-informed recommendations and advice ranging from the best plants to use and effective maintenance practices. We will tell you how best to get your project done and also give you an estimate of the amount of resources you will need.

Commercial garden services – Lawn mowing

Francor also offers commercial lawn mowing services that can weight be part of scheduled maintenance visits or given as a standalone service. To minimise disturbance, we can mow your lawn during your off days or on the weekends. Basically, we offer customised services, and we will come exactly when you want us to and do our work efficiently so that it does not affect your regular business.

Maintaining car parks

For car parks, Francor will maintain surrounding gardens while trimming encroaching shrubs and trees. We also clear drains remove debris and rubbish and keep the car park looking nice and presentable. In general, we like to maintain car parks in the weekends when there is less traffic or any time when appropriate.

Commercial garden Materials

Francor comes to the project with all the necessary materials. If additional materials specific to the needs of the client are needed, we will inform you of the requirements and cost before purchasing. All of our organic garden equipment and materials are sourced from dealers who support sustainable living.