Nowadays purchasing a new, larger house can be extremely expensive, and not many can afford to pay such a large sum for the extra space. For this reason, a great number of people have begun searching for property extension services in order to enlarge their space without breaking the bank. Planning and building extra rooms and attachment to a house doesn’t take much time and is far more cost effective than buying or building a whole property. This is where our company “Francor” comes in to offer you the best services at the most affordable prices when it comes to extending or modifying your beloved home.

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A home extension will give you and your family far more room for living accommodation, or it can offer you absolutely anything else you may require. There are no limits and restrictions when it comes to the use of extra space. Your own home is probably your largest investment, and you should treat it accordingly by shaping it to offer you every single need and comfort. We, at ‘Francor’, are specialised in forming detailed, custom projects that will be tailored to suit all your requirements. We pride ourselves in offering you the best services available on the market by ensuring you efficient and quality progress while building your much-needed property extension.

It is of utmost importance to hire a reputable company, with a wide array of experience when it comes to altering your personal space. There are plenty of services out there that will use poor quality construction materials or inexperienced constructors that will affect the results of the project in a negative fashion. ‘Francor’ is renowned for catering to every client’s interests and for delivering the results on time without you spending more than the required resources. We have the capability of using the highest quality of materials while our experienced tradesmen will make sure that the structural integrity and design of the extension are properly respected and maintained.

Property extension approval

In addition to the actual construction of the home extension, there are important regulations which need to be precisely followed in order to receive the official approval for the alteration of a house’s structural integrity or the addition of a new structure. In order to work on many types of extensions or alterations, you are required to receive a building permit. To receive this building permit you are required to submit an application, as well as the detailed construction plans of the new modifications. These plans are required to respect the regulations, and they will be approved only after a series of inspections, which are meant to ensure that the work will meet all the specifications and requirements. Our professionals at ‘Francor’ will handle these procedures to guarantee that the building project follows the exact specifications in order to be approved by the authorities. If you designed your own plan for the property extension, we will review them to make sure that they are in compliance with the official regulation and if they are not, we will make the appropriate modifications after consulting with you. This part of the process is vital in order to begin the actual work on your project, and it needs the attention of specialists such as our professional project managers.

Benefits of a home extension

Extending a certain room or your entire home brings will add significant value to your property. The value of your home will far outweigh the resources you need to invest in planning and building your property extension. We will offer you a dream house while also significantly increasing the worth of your lifetime investment. Our company will ensure high-quality work that will benefit you and your family on long-term, whether you desire space or comfort or increasing property value.

Our team of professionals will first discuss with you regarding the purpose of the extension or alteration while also taking in consideration your taste in design. A home extension is like the extension of your own personality, and you need to express yourself in order to fully enjoy it. Feeling comfortable and adding emotional value to your property far outweighs the investment you are making. We have an experienced design team that will discuss your every wish regarding style choices and they will help you achieve your goal.

Building a property extension or altering an existing structure is no easy task. You require planning and outlining the details of the desired project while also making sure to obtain a building permit. We at ‘Francor’ will take your mind off of those problematic stages and guarantee you that all your goals will be met at the highest quality.